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SOILCARE - For Lawn and Garden 32oz

Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants - It's Not Magic, It's Microbes...


The 4 Secrets to Protect Your Plants 🌱 while Saving Money 🤑

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Brown Thumb. They’re home gardeners and landscapers who want healthy plants and soil. Unfortunately, Mr. and Mrs. Brown Thumb don’t notice the invisible gnomes in the night who deplete their plants and soil of their essential nutrients. While their plants are dying, grass is browning, flowers are wilting, trees are dying, and vegetables are rotting, they feel super bummed that they’ve wasted all of their money on plant babies who have died. They’re tired of the chaotic struggle of trying to figure out what their plants need, because they can't talk to them.

One hot summer day Mr. and Mrs. Brown Thumb were venting with Mr. and Mrs. Organic Microbes from across their shared fence. Since Mr. and Mrs. Organic Microbes know the frustration of trying to maintain a garden in stressful environments, they shared a simple and restorative way to deliver what their plants and soil need without the use of harsh chemicals or harmful gardening practices. Mr. and Mrs. Organic Microbes have seen 30+ years of research that microbes are the butlers to serve exactly what the plants need and invisible soldiers to fight the invisible gnomes and establish deeper plant root systems in the soil.

Mr. and Mrs. Organic Microbes shared The 4 Secrets to Protect Your Plants 🌱 while Saving Money 🤑 

  1. Pour 1 gallon of water into your favorite watering can or backpack sprayer
  2. Mix 1 SOILCARE 30ml Sample Bottle
  3. Spray your plants and soil starting at the root and work your way to the top
  4. Watch your plants and soil thrive

Mr. and Mrs. Organic Microbes can help you too. They have already purchased the SOILCARE 30ml Sample Bottles for you. All you have to do is pay $11.95 for shipping and handling for 3 SOILCARE 30ml Sample Bottles to arrive in 3-5 days. In addition, they will call you to make sure that you are fully equipped to fight the invisible gnomes in your garden.

What you can expect:

  1. Healthier plants and soil
  2. More root = more fruit
  3. A friendly check-in to make sure that your kingdom is protected

If you don't order SOILCARE, the gnomes will continue to plunder your plants and soil of essential nutrients.


Protect Your Plants 🌱 while Saving Money 🤑  only pay $11.95 for shipping & handling!



Wind River Microbes SOILCARE Formula is a 100% natural mix of 74 species of beneficial microbes—bacteria, archaea, and fungi that plants must have for full health. Our proprietary mix of microbes strengthen the ecosystem in soils or other growing media. Plants can’t directly consume most nutrition bound up in soil; they depend on microbes to process it for them, to make nutrients “bioavailable.” Plants team with microbes to defend themselves against pests and pathogens such as blight, rusts, root rot, and harmful insects, to moderate pH and salinity and to improve water retention and soil aeration.

Active Ingredients:
Bacilluscereus - 36%
Clostridum sp. - 8%
Total Other Ingredients - 56%

Mixing Rate:
1 Gallon = 128 Gallons of Solution
2 Liters = 64 Gallons of Solution
32 oz = 32 Gallons of Solution
30 ml = 1 Gallon of Solution


Available Sizes:
30 ml Bottle
32 oz Bottle
2 Liter Bottle
1 Gallon Jug
2.5 Gallon Jug
55 Gallon Drum
250 Gallon Tote
6,000 Gallon Tanker