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When using our microbes product, Peter Romo said he experienced "immediate, dynamic results"!

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“It is our duty, as agriculturalists, to be stewards of our land. We MUST leave our soils in better shape than when we started using them for future generations to come. Wind River Microbes is committed to giving back what God gave us in the beginning.”

Jackie Dayberry
Wind River Microbes

How are Wind River Microbes' formulations different than others?

"Our microbe formulations are sourced from plants, soils, and animals, so they're all naturally occurring bacteria and fungi." Jackie Dayberry, President of Wind River Microbes

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4 Reasons to Trust Organic Microbes


Our easily applied microbes work for your plants and animals.


Our organic microbes are the purest and most stable available on the market.


You'll be a part of a regeneration movement that cares about the growth & health of our soil, plants, livestock, food, and, ultimately, our planet.


We love our country and proudly grow & distribute our microbes in the USA.

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