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BALANCER2 - Probiotics For Livestock & Pets

Healthy Gut, Healthy Animals - It's Not Magic, It's Microbes...


Wind River Microbes BALANCER2 formula is a general-purpose probiotic solution for ALL classes of livestock and petswith 2 extra rumen bacteria added. This solution is best used as an oral drench, top-dressed on feed, or ideal for spraying pastures, soils, lawns, and gardens. The 2 extra rumen bacteria are designed for use in drenching cattle, sheep, goats, deer, elk, and buffalo, or the solution may be added to watering systems. Please see the product label for all dosage and application rates.


"We recommend these products for cattle in every life stage, all other classes of livestock, pets, performance horses, horses in training, animals with digestive issues, older animals, hard keepers, and better feed utilization in all species.

Balancer2 will help prevent gas colic and bloat, lessen stress while hauling and traveling to shows, the Microbes will help your animal eat and drink better on the road, and help prevent digestive distress with weather changes and feed changes. They balance the PH in your horses' gut and promote the health of your horse from head to tail including the hind gut! The Microbes are 100% natural and safe, they will strengthen the immune system and also increase the effectiveness of antibiotics should your horse, cattle, or other animal get sick." Clay and Leah West, 35+ Year Horse Trainers


Available Sizes:
1 Gallon Jug
55 Gallon Drum
250 Gallon Tote