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We understand the health of your livestock is your #1 priority.  Whether you're grazing sheep, goats, or cattle, you have a farrow-to-finish hog operation, or you're free-ranging poultry, microbes play an integral role in the health of those animals.  Microbes are imperative for grass pastures and healthy grazing.  They are also key players in digestive function and natural immunities to sickness and disease.  Our formulas are easy to administer and offer you peace of mind knowing you are doing your due diligence in maintaining healthy gut function.


Is there a smell or taste?

Our microbes are living organisms and do "gas off" when not dormant. So yes, there is usually a slight odor, similar to a smelly gym bag. No, there is no taste.

Is it certified organic?

Our products are ALL organic. However, they are not certified by USDA or registered by the OMRI. The reason for this is in order to be a "certified" product, we must reveal proprietary information (trade secrets) regarding our formulations and we are not willing to reveal that information.

Is it safe for human consumption?

Our label clearly states that we DO NOT recommend our micobes for human consumption.

Does it kill flies? Fire Ants?


Does it hurt to freeze?

A hard freeze may kill some of the microbes, causing the possibility of an imbalance in the formula.


Does it replace antibiotics?

No. Our REBOOT and BALANCER2 formulas do contain several bacteria that collectively form a high-powered, natural antibiotic which can combat many pathogens in the early stages of illness. However, if you are using the microbes faithfully and the animal is still ill, please administer antibiotics as necessary. Our microbes can enhance antibiotic therapies.

What is the best way to administer to livestock?

Orally  and transdermal 

Is it a dewormer for livestock?


Does REBOOT kill coccidiosis in goats?

Both of our livestock formulas can inhibit/mitigate coccidiosis in all livestock.

Where can I view the Wind River Microbes Tank-Mixing Compatibility Chart?

Please view the Wind River Microbes Tank-Mixing Compatibility Chart here.

Can I talk to someone about using Wind River Microbes on my ranch?

Absolutely! Please fill out the Free Microbes Consultation for Ranchers form below and someone will get back to you soon!