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Horse Care

Horse Care

Before and After Using Organic Microbes

All of our products are Safe and 100% Natural!

Wind River Microbes Balancer2 formula is a general-purpose "probiotic-like" solution for ALL classes of livestock and pets. It can be used for everything from dogs and cats to cattle, goats, horses, even camels. It is best used as an oral drench, water reservoir treatment, or top-dressed on feed. Balancer2 contains two extra rumen bacteria that have no effect on monogastrics but are absolutely necessary for ruminants and optimum rumen function. It may also be used topically to treat external wounds, dermatitis, and allergens. 

"Horse Care Starts From The Inside Out..."

Clay West is with CW Elite Cow Horses and specializes in cutting, ranch cutting, ranch sorting, team penning, ranch versatility horses, and working cow horses. Clay has been starting colts, training, coaching and showing horses for 35 years.

With an animal, you can assess its health quickly by visual appearance. For example, how their hair coat is, the brightness of their eyes, energy levels when you're riding them. "We spend a lot of time grooming them, polishing them up to look good, but you also need to start from the inside out, the immune system. It all starts from the gut." Clay said. Since using Wind River Microbes Products such as Reboot and Balancer2 Clay says that his death rate has gone down, gain has gone up and vet bills have gone down in his cattle. For his horses, he noticed they are better than probiotics because they work though the hind gut and help problems like colitis. The microbes help with pH balance in the gut to help heal ulcers, lacerations, pink eye and break down feces faster, which is better for plant growth. It all starts in the gut!

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Horses Need Organic Microbes

  1. Neutralizes acidosis
  2. Balances microflora in the gut
  3. Balances PH in Gut
  4. Mitigates pathogens
  5. Calms transportation and stress